MASTER OF BASKETBALL Master of basketball is a two- tiered basketball business.     One tier of the company is focuses on recreational basketball for the everyday athlete.  Running Tournaments, Camps, Training Sessions and Open- Gym for those that have a busy lifestyle and cannot commit to a long term League.  Our recreation program is designed to be a quick hit of recreational excitement.      We decided to organize our service like a fitness gym. Running schedule programs that can be joined at any time if you hold a valid membership.   But, unlike fitness gyms our programs are focused on basketball. Our organized open gyms, assist participants get a good, organized run.  The open gyms will be done at different locations all over, so a member can meet new competition almost every night. The open gym participates will also be uniformed with reversible Orange and Blue jerseys that is given to every member after registration. Timed 10 min games, with 2 minutes overtimes. Knowledgeable dispute officials help to make the games run smooth. Training Sessions are another reason why we are different. We do basketball fitness programs.  Programs like our Increase Vertical, which is focused on doing exercises and drills that help, build the strength necessary to jump higher.