MASTER OF BASKETBALL Swish Session is a program designed as cardiovascular  shooting.  One hour of shooting drills. By using the “sight-feel” basketball shooting technique used by professional all around the world we can help you shoot better. Finally our tournaments are also different. Using the FIBA basketball rules we run weekend two-day tournaments that run every second week.  If you want the competition and do not have the time, this is a godsend.  Book a week in advance show up and play.  The second tier of Master of Basketball is for elite athletes.  We like to refer to this as our Pro Aspiration Level (PAL).  Each player at this level goes through a mandatory evaluation camp to insure that they have the skill necessary to play. PAL is for serious basketball players that only want to play top-level competition. To coax some of the elite athletes to join, Master of Basketball has added some great perks when one joins an elite league season. Great prizes and opportunities await those that are successful players at the elite level.  Care packages to insure that players have what they need to perform, job opportunities and scouting exposure camps if needed.  Press coverage will be done by community youth web shows and magazines.  The Prove It Program:  All elite games are taped for scouts to view.  Player statistics  portfolio are created and will be kept up-to-date minutes after a game.  An on-line database system produced by MOB will keep all statistics as long as a player is part of our organization.  A video vault will be kept to review statistics and distribute to players, scouts and fans. On-site medical first aid will assist in taping and stretching athletes at each game. We take care of athletes that need special attention due to injury. The elite level is very import for our corporate success and will do our best to consult with he participants to make sure we are doing what they need. Take suggestions from them and action the items that are deemed worthy ventures. By paying attention to our customers Master of Basketball will develop new methods and technologies that help improve the experience of basketball for players and fans.